Our folks live in the two northernmost neighborhoods in New York City’s Manhattan: Washington Heights and Inwood.

We serve the vibrant, ever-changing group who live, work, study and serve with us.

Here, you can get a Café con Leche and a Starbucks espresso on the same block.  This area has long been a community of immigrants, so like most of our city, our neighborhood is diverse.  While Northern Manhattan is known for its Dominican flavor, there are also distinct populations of Jewish, Anglo, and multi-racial friends who have made their homes here.   Among us are distinct populations of musicians and artists, service professionals, medical professionals, freelancers, educators, social workers and lots of families. 

Bringing such a diverse population together is not easy, yet you will hardly find anyone in the city more dedicated to building a sustainable community than Northern Manhattanites.  We love our neighborhood.