Community Prayer Walk & Site Visits

Saturday, May 17th
10am – 12pm
Meet at George Washington Bridge
Bus Terminal
(179th St and Broadway)

The Lord calls us to "pray for the peace of the city" as a means of entering into His work of renewing all things. We have the opportunity to pray for the well-being of our neighbors, community organizations and institutions. We’ll also be stopping in and praying for Operation Exodus and the Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation; organizations that are addressing critical needs in the Washington Heights community.  Join us as we experience the works and vibes of our neighborhood. 

If you are planning to participate please email Al Santino or by phone at 917-903-5569.

Viva Uptown Workshop & Networking

Saturday, June 9th
10am – 12pm
Location To Be Announced

Viva Uptown is a collaboration of our partner churches joining God and our community for the flourishing of Washington Heights and Inwood. We aspire to see our community flourish by collaborating across racial, ethnic and socioeconomic barriers in a spirit of reconciliation and unity. Through youth development, wellness initiatives, housing support and land renewal, our diverse community members will be empowered to take part in the care of our neighborhood leading to physical, social, emotional and spiritual vibrancy. We will be hosting a workshop on "The Church As Good Neighbor" along with a time to network and discuss opportunities to work together to be "shalom-makers" in our community. 

If you are interested in participating please contact Al Santino; 917-903-5569