At Uptown, we evaluate our life as a church based on these core values.

gospel driven

The Gospel of Grace heralds Christ’s life, death, and resurrection as the beginning of God’s restoration of all he’s created. It proclaims the means by which a broken, rebellious people are reconciled to God. It changes and renews everything: people, families, Northern Manhattan, the world. Fueled by this hope, our church calls people to faith in Christ and works for the flourishing of our neighborhoods.


The Gospel brings you into Christ’s family to love, learn, grow, and serve together. Therefore we cherish our community life and our belonging to one another.

neighborhood renewal

The Gospel makes us great neighbors and citizens, dedicated to the peace and justice of our neighborhood. Therefore we are committed to tangible deed ministry, especially among our youth.


The Gospel creates a people who love across boundaries and exhibit all manners of reconciliation. Therefore we strive for intent and skill at welcoming the many kinds of people in our neighborhood.


The Gospel sends us to extend God’s kingdom by starting new Gospel communities. Therefore we plan to train leaders to plant churches, and plant more churches ourselves.