We meet for worship at 10:30am on Sundays at the Hebrew Tabernacle, a Jewish Synagogue. 

Our friends at the Hebrew Tabernacle have welcomed us into their gorgeous space, and we are sure you will feel welcome too. We even have a welcome table where can stop by and be greeted when you arrive. One of our greeters can even help you find your way around, if you’d like.

There is no dress code.

We invite you to join us however you feel comfortable. Some will dress up, and some will dress down. If you don’t have a Bible with you, you’ll still be able to participate. We will read and teach from it, but all the Bible passages will be printed for you in the worship bulletin that is printed for you, as well as projected onto a screen. 

You’ll be unique, but you won’t be alone.

When you walk into our congregation, the person to your left and right will likely not look like you. You’ll be a part of a congregation of many backgrounds and cultures, just like our neighborhood. We have singles, married couples, families, and senior citizens. Our service is in English, but we have elements of Spanish language as well. Some of our songs were written in the last decade, and some of them were written in the first century. Yet all our choices are designed to reflect the people of our neighborhood.

We’ll explain what we’re doing.

First time at Uptown? Great! Don’t understand what’s happening? That’s our fault! We know there are people of many religious and secular backgrounds in our services every week and not everyone is familiar with our way of doing things. Therefore, we make efforts to explain our service and beliefs so that you can participate with us. 

Our worship is centered on Jesus and the proclamation of his word. 

The sermons seek to present the meaning of the day’s text, highlighting Jesus Christ as the central focus of the whole bible, relevant to our contemporary lives. You’ll be challenged, but you’ll also be assured of (and even overwhelmed by) Christ’s immense love and Grace. Therefore, we also sing. The climax of our service every Sunday is gathering and receiving Communion together. 

We’re pretty kid-friendly.